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Energy Efficiency

Get funding towards a warmer, drier, healthier home

WEC has information on insulation subsidies as well as other initiatives that can help make improvements to your home to keep it warm, dry and healthy. See the Insulation Subsidies page to find out more!

We are energy addicts, consuming more and more electric energy and petrol every year. Coal, gas, wind... Are you wondering what the way forward is? Most of New Zealand’s energy production comes from hydro and geothermal sources, and wind generation is on the rise. But even these sources of energy come with their environmental costs. So what is the solution?

Turn the lights off! Walk to work! Building energy efficiency to help decrease the demand on the energy sector. There are several ways that you can adjust your home and habits to use less energy. The side effects of energy efficiency include money saved as well as a healthy home, body and environment.


EECA Energywise Website

This is your first stop. Includes a step-by-step guide to creating a warmer and healthier home, tips for reducing your vehicle fuel usage, and even has info about generating renewable energy at home! Learn about energy ratings on appliances (and find out how much that heated towel rack is costing you!). Finally, find out if you’re eligible for heating and insulation grants (maybe it's time for that solar water heater?)


Finally, come into WEC and buy a door snake for $5! Or learn to make one yourself.