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Whāingaroa Repair Café

The Whāingaroa Repair Café is a free pop-up event where community members can bring in their broken and damaged belongings and local volunteer experts do their best to repair them.
We believe in the power of repairing and reusing goods to create a more circular economy.
Repairing rather than buying new is a great way to take climate action in your own life – and learn new skills along the way!
By extending the lifespan of these items, we reduce waste and prevent valuable resources from ending up in landfills. In general, replacement parts will not be provided by the repairers. Any use of materials or parts such batteries, zips etc. will be supplied or paid for by the visitor and brought to event.

Keen to get involved?

Email our Repair Café team at:

The work performed and advice offered at the Repair Café is carried out on a voluntary basis by the repairer free of charge.
Where possible, visitors are encouraged to participate in the repair of their broken item under the guidance of the repair volunteer, or the repairer will demonstrate the repair process to the visitor. What we can repair is limited to the skills of the repair people who volunteer their help.


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