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Science Night

Science Night is an opportunity to learn more about a topic relating to sustainability from an expert, allowing them to tell their story, it makes their work more accessible.

Science Night is held regularly in the front bar of the Raglan Harbour View Hotel from 6-7pm with a casual atmosphere. You can eat dinner, have a beer and ask questions during the presentation. Keep an eye out for our up coming Science Night topics.

Previous Science Night topics:

  • Radical Law for Climate and Nature

  • The Ocean Cleanup

  • Soil to Supper

  • Pest Plant Biocontrols

  • Seabed Mining in the South Pacific

  • Effects of Climate Change on Marine Environments

  • Seabirds

  • Māui Dolphin Conservation

  • Marine Plastics

  • Mātauranga Māori & mātai koiora moana

  • Muddy Waters

Coming up...

6-7pm | Wednesday 18 January 2023
We are living with climate breakdown, nature is being driven to extinction, and waste is out of control, across Aotearoa and overseas. Communities are calling for action, yet our legal system is fundamentally flawed and not able to respond to the climate and biodiversity crises.
Teall Crossen will lead a discussion on what law reform is needed to advance climate justice, protect and restore nature and get rid of plastic waste.
Critically, we must look after people and uphold the Tino Rangatiratanga of hapū, whānau and iwi while making these important changes, or they won’t be enduring and they won't be right.
Teall Crossen is an Environmental Barrister - New Zealand & International Law.

If you would like to discuss presenting at Science please get in touch!


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